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Send Secure Plugin

The Send Secure Plugin provides a convenient way, in place of the regular Send button, to send messages securely to any recipient. Using Outlook the user clicks the Send Secure button, and the message is sent through the GoSecure Titan® Secure Email Gateway and forwarded to the Encryption system. The Encryption system notifies the message recipient who can then pickup his message via a web interface.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and 8, 32 and 64 bit
  • Supported Outlook Versions: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Disk space: 6 MB
  • Download size: 1 MB


Download the plugin from here: Send Secure Plugin version 2.0.

It is recommended that you save the installer locally and then run it. The plugin is signed so be sure to check the certificate before proceeding with the installation.


Before installing the plugin be sure to close Outlook. To begin the installation, double click on the Send Secure.exe file. Upon launching the installer you will be walked through several steps to complete the installation.

Composing and Sending Secure Messages

To send a secure message, compose your message as you normally would and then hit the Send Secure button instead of the Send button. The Send Secure button is located above the Send button in Outlook. Clicking on the triangle to the right of the Send Secure button displays a Help link to this page.

Send_Secure_Outlook_2007Outlook 2007

Send_Secure_Outlook_2010Outlook 2010

Send_Secure_Outlook_2013Outlook 2013 and above


If you encounter problems that appear to be directly related to the plugin we suggest you first reinstall it. Upon launching the installer you will be prompted to Repair or Remove. The Repair option will replace missing files or other references with original components. This option should be your first choice when trying to fix add-in related issues. If the Repair is unsuccessful in resolving your issue then full removal is the next option. Uninstall completely removes the software and provides a clean starting point for a fresh install. You may want to reboot your system after a full removal so that the system itself can also have a fresh start. This restart is totally optional but can prove valuable if Windows or one of its processes is somehow interfering with the installation.

Both the Repair and Remove (Uninstall) operations can optionally be performed through the Add/Remove Software or Programs and Features applet on Windows Control Panel where the add-in can be found under the Send Secure.

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