Closing the Perception Gap: Do I Have the Right Tools for Today’s Attack Vectors

GoSecure Titan Labs research indicates that there is a gap between in-house security teams’ perceptions of the value of the security controls they implement, and the protection needed against most common attack vectors leveraged by penetration testers who challenge them based on real-world threat intelligence. This presentation will highlight two years of research into that disconnect, along with potential open-source tools and methods teams can consider to bridge the divide. Our analysis comes from a survey of 120 cybersecurity professionals and was compared with findings from penetration tests conducted across North America. By linking the defenders’ perceptions with their reported actions and cross-referencing the results with statistics on penetration testing, we uncovered important information gaps. Throughout the presentation, we’ll examine how much of the disparity might be caused by strategy and decision-making within the security organization, with a thoughtful examination of the human element that also drives these perceptions.

Détection et réponse gérées Titan
Antivirus de nouvelle génération
Détection et réponse sur les terminaux
Détection et réponse sur le réseau
Détection et réponse sur les boîtes de messagerie
Détection et réponse face aux menaces internes
Gestion des pare-feu
Gestion des SIEM
La gestion des vulnérabilités en tant que service
GoSecure Titan
Logiciel Titan
Sécurité de la messagerie
Sécurité Web
Boîte à outils «Responder PRO Forensics»
Services professionnels
Services de préparation aux brèches
Les services-conseils personnalisés en cybersécurité
Évaluation de la cybersécurité
Services de réponse aux incidents
Services des équipes « Red & Purple »
Services de tests d'intrusion
Services de conformité et d'audit
Évaluation de la compromission de la sécurité
Technologies tierces

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